Gotthard. Швейцарская рок-группа

Re-realise Lipservice

1. All we are 
2. Dream On 
3. Lift U Up 
4. Everything I Want 
5. Cupid Arrow 
6. I Wonder 
7. I‘m Alive 
8. I‘ve Seen An Angel Cry 
9. Stay For The Night 
10.Anytime Anywhere 
11.Said § Done 
12.The Other Side Of Me 
13.Nothing Left At All 
14.And Then Goodbye

1. I Can‘t Stop 
2. Lift U Up (Remixed Mousse T. - Radio version) 
3. Lift U Up ((Remixed Mousse T. - Swiss Team Version) 
4. Lift U Up (Live) 
5. Lift U Up (Swiss Team Warm-Up Version) 
6. Where Is The Love When It‘s Gone 
7. Lift U Up - концертное видео от Made In Switzerland