Gotthard. Швейцарская рок-группа


Релиз: начало 1996г
Продюссер: Chris von Rohr
Продолжительность 52.11

	1. Sister Moon
	2. Make My Day
	3. Mighty Quinn
	4. Movin'On
	5. Let It Be
	6. Father Is That Enough?
	7. Sweet Little R'R'
	8. Fist In Your Face
	9. Ride On
	10. In The Name
	11. Lay Down The Law
	12. Hole In One
	13. One Life, One Soul

Sister Moon

Sister moon , come lead me down To rest my weary head I walked a million miles along The road of no regret I've been a fool , messed around... A lock without a key I'm waiting for the morning sun To make it shine on me So long , lonely days Take me back where i belong All gone , it's all behind Hope you don't mind , hope you don't mind Hope you don't mind Too many times i lost the grip Was worn out on the floor Fallen angel , don't loose your wings Cuz' you'll never fly no more

Make My Day

So you're telling me now All your friends call you honey There's your name on the wall And it ain't that funny Guess you're out on the street Shakin' legs every night And the whole world's looking at you Kinda love at first bite And the same old song I hear you play On and on , again You gotta make my day Yeah, you drank all my wine N' you gave all my money away No more gas in the car And your dog wants me to stay Darling, you know, you go a little too far But i'm sure not a pawn on your chessboard Baby, no more And the same old song I hear you play On and on , again Gotta make my day Well, you take it all for granted You got me hypnotised So who do you think you are, honey I want you to make my day Don`t need no pretty lies Read my lips Make my day

Mighty Quinn

Everybody's building the big ships and boats Some are building monuments Others jotting down notes Everybody's in despair Every girl and boy But when quinn the eskimo gets here Ev'rybody's gonna jump for joy Come all without, come all within You'll not see nothing like the mighty quinn I like to do just like the rest, I like my sugar sweet But guarding fumes and making haste It ain't my cup of meat Everybody's 'neath the trees Feeding pigeons on a limb But when quinn the eskimo gets here All the pigeons gonna run to him.

Movin' On

I got a devil in me Lord it's hard to make believe It's shakin' in me babe I feel it running , kicking , He's gotta break free Movin' on , movin' on, movin' on From time to time Movin' on , movin' on , movin' on From time to time Ya know that it's so easy To loose control It gets your whole body n' soul Some would give it Some would not I guess i'm just the kinda guy Who can't stop I got you now And i'm under your skin I got you now Let no other come in I got you now I got you now I got you now, i swear i'll never let go Movin' on.......

Let It Be

Don' t know who' s to blame, Don' t know who was wrong Love has died too soon After all had just begun Something in your eyes Tells me you still care Oh baby i swear Deep inside my heart Deep inside my soul Something tells me no I can't let you go Saw it in your eyes Last time when we met I will never forget How can you say Our love is gonna last forever How can you go With this empty broken heart of mine Let it be , let it be Love's like a gun on me Let it be , just let it be Like a bag of broken glass I was killed in the name of love You never see it comin' Doesn't tell you when it goes Think it's gettin' near Suddenly it's gone Dirty little game Don't even know your name You just wouldn't say Did you ever worry Askin' maybe please Knew you couldn't take it I would get down on my knees Searching for way out But there ain't no doubt It's like goin' blind .....get down on my knees for you How can you say You love me but it's better this way If you don't need it anymore I'm drowning down like never before Should have never let you go

Father Is That Enough

You came into my life,...boy I didn't find the words to let you know We were like strangers , heaven knows With a many ways to go But it's over now, right before we started It's all over now , it's weather blown away No , you don't need no sacrifice Nor hide the risin' sun Made a million, got it all Father , is that enough ? Remember i was lonely I was nowhere Couldn't stand the pain i wore And yeah , i keep learning Live is livin' So much more than words can say But it's over now , no gambling with my soul It's all over now , i found my way to go

Sweet Little R'R'

I don' t know where you came from I don't know where you go You gimme so much trouble You gimme so much fun You say i must be crazy But sometimes i gotta scream...yeah I get up , i get down We need to spend some time Sweet little rock n' roller Keep on comin' my way Sweet little rock n' roller I meet you right by the station Where you callin' for me I give you one night I give you one heart We need to spend some time I don't care

Fist In Your Face

You pushed it to the limit Now you gotta choose tonight Tarot woman, you're all about to loose the fight Don't need a part time wizard Who drives me outta my mind Cuz' i'm allright I gonna live it up tonight Once upon a time, Thought the world was mine alone Had no time to realize, It came without a warning at all Like a fist in your face A fist in your face And there's a time bomb tickin' Deep inside my head Must be a black hole attraction A wrong step n' you're dead Don't know the word surrender Don't know the rules of the game I'm ready to go and i swear You won't forget my name

Ride On

Hunger , in the saddle again I just can't say no Thunder , the call of the wild That's when i got to go Never got enough Always back for more I'm on top of the world, i'm alive I hear the motor rumble N'running overdrive Into the night Know i gonna find Where is the road For the peace of mind It's a neverending ride On the wings of destiny Don't know `bout tomorrow Or what will be All i want is Ride on , ride on Under one big sky Ride on , ride on Till the day i die Devil , gotta wait for me I'm down on This happens to be my number My life has just begun Never got enough Always back for more I'm on top of the world i'm alive I got my motor burnin', yeah N' runnin' overdrive

In The Name

Across the desert, through the plaines Freedom riders, in anger they came Under cover o' prophets And the words of the saints Doin' all for the justice Doin' all for the gain Anytime , anywhere The fighting goes on Anytime , anyday See those lives get blown away In the name , in the name of some god They're fighting for nothing Spilling their blood In the name , in the name of a sin All running for cover In a fight they can't win Unhold is the promise You' re leavin' to die On the gates of eden You can't tell no lie Hear the moarns of the young ones Left out in pain It's the law of the strong ones Who's leading the bane Anytime , anywhere The fighting goes on Anytime , anyday See those lives get blown away In the name , in the name of some god They're fighting for nothing Spilling their blood In the name , in the name of a sin All running for cover For nothin' at all

Lay Down The Law

Everybody's into the race For a piece of the action Holding on illusions Where money rules the world Travellin' at speed o' light To self made destruction Another mr. Nice talk Sure's gonna change it all As long as i can roll all the dice I keep on playing Knock on wood And even in the darkest of hours Someone's watching over you Lay down the law No you can't keep the rain From falling down on your head Gotta play by the rules; Rules that some others have set But don't you ever let your dreams To be taken forever Beware of what you see That's not always what you get As long as i can........

Hole In One

C' mon let's shake 'em Yeah , i wake up in the morning With a big mess in my brain I try hard to remember Strives are all in vain But that's alright, alright I'm a lucky man That's what i am There's one chance in a million Just like a hole in one When i get right into trouble Water to my chin I turn the wheel of fortune babe And get another spin And that's alright, alright Sounds good to me, good to me There's one chance in a million Just like a hole in one ...keep that bad boy turnin' round Baby baby baby I've been loosin' my mind Yeah since i've been loosin' you.........

One Life, One Soul

I' ve been waiting, all my life For the sun to make it mine Callin ' , callin, whispering your name N' right now You're on my trail Falling, falling, wishing you near But somehow You slipped away Like ice in the sun Already gone One life one soul Forever i know Follow me follow me Wherever i go One life one soul Just waiting to flow Follow me follow me Don't let me go I've been dreaming for too long Chasing rainbows, on my own Screamin' screamin' You are the wind in my sail In an ocean so wide Over good times Bad times I'll be your own guiding light Holding your hand Eyes open wide N' always beside